An entry by Steve Richey (code) and Andrew Agulto (art & music) for Ludum Dare 29. Chacket Valleyparker knows nothing but drillin'. That's all he cares about. You are Chacket. Don't let your drill overheat!

Drill Bunny is coming to mobile soon! Go check out the Dream Show Adventures site for more info!


Space to start. Use left and right arrows to move Chacket. Press Space to boost, as long as you have boost available. Grab carrots for an awesome powerup! Grab gems to amass wealth. Rocks and lava will slow you down and make your drill overheat. Avoid them!


The engine is Phaser, and the game is written entirely in JavaScript and playable in-browser. All code was by Steve Richey (aka STVR), all art was by Andrew Agulto (aka Ninspriterx) except for the apples which Steve's kids drew. Sound was done with BFXR. Our music guy dropped out so we used some of Andrew's old (great) unused music.

Made withPhaser