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Your butt is an innovative and unique experience. I believe that a lot of people will provide money for your butt!

What is your butt?

Your butt is an innovate, immersive experience unlike any other. In your butt, you will journey to lands far and wide. Depending on the total funds generated and the popularity of the "Put Something In Your Butt" reward, your butt will have between 10 and 111 unique levels, each providing a unique gameplay experience. In your butt, you can customize the look of your butt, in a way that no video game has ever done. I mean, seriously, have you ever played a game where you can customize your butt? What does the Dragonborn's butt look like? Or Commander Shepherd's? Oh wait I guess we know that one but you had very little control over the appearance of that butt!

How can I play with your butt?

Your butt will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Depending on which stretch goals are met, your butt may also be on Android and iOS, unless Apple tells me that I can't put your butt on iOS. They already don't like the name. It will probably be your booty or something lame like that. But everywhere else? It's like... open season on your butt. Google doesn't care about your butt, they're fine with it.

Stretch goals for your butt

Your butt has several stretch goals:

$200 - Your butt on Android!

$300 - Your butt on iOS!

$400 - Your butt on Ouya!

$500 - More customization of your butt! Non-binary gender selection, complexion, dimples, and more!

$1000 - Your butt on PS Vita, PS3, and PS4!

$1500 - Your butt on Xbox 360 (via XBLIG)!

$2000 - A documentary about your butt! Yes, I will produce and star in a feature-length documentary about your butt.

More stretch goals will be added as the above are met! If you have a crazy stretch goal idea, let's hear it! The sky is the limit!*

* By "the sky" I mean "my programming ability".

Backer rewards for your butt

A Fan of Your Butt: My genuine thanks for helping fund your butt. You will receive a very special message from the creator of your butt.

An Owner of Your Butt: A copy of your butt for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a Steam key if the Greenlight is successful. You will also be offered keys for any other platforms your butt is on in the future; see stretch goals for details.

Put Something In Your Butt: Design a level! You tell me what one level of your butt should be like, and I make it happen, to the best of my ability. All contributors at this level will receive in-game recognition for the level they design, if desired.

Get In Your Butt: Design a special butt to be included in your butt, or provide an image of your own butt that will be used to custom a draw a butt which will find its way into your butt. Includes copies of the game as described above. Backer's butts will be denoted with flavor text or another form of attribution, depending on where they appear in your butt, with input from the backer on what that attribution should be. Includes above rewards, with level design being optional (you don't have to design one if you just want your butt in your butt).

A Patron of Your Butt: Seriously? I mean, I don't know. At this point, you can have your butt for all platforms and some bonus copies of your butt to gift to your friends and you can design a level and I'll include your butt in your butt. I guess I'll also send you a custom-made, hand-crafted, limited-edition physical copy of your butt. Wow, just... wow.

Risks and challenges

I have developed and released games for multiple platforms before, like the award-eligible Don't Move (available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS), which Kotaku called "a game". I also ported Adam Atomic's Flappybalt to Android and iOS. I believe that these factors make it highly likely that I will be able to deliver your butt in a reasonable time frame. However, there may be complications related to your butt. For example, I may find quite late in development that your butt is just not that fun, in which case I will be certain to put extra time and focus towards ensuring that your butt is the most highly tuned and enjoyable experience that it can be.

Also, I'm welcoming a lot of backer input about the path your butt will take over time. Namely, I'm allowing backers to design a portion of your butt, within reason. However, I could end up spending a lot more time working on your butt than I originally intended if this particular reward is popular.